Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! well, its on wednesday here. so, just know that all of you wonderful dads are on my heart this week. also.... I AM ALIVE. calm down, ya crazies! it was just a little allergic reaction, but i am going to the private hospital in Chiriqui today to get an Epi pen.
well, we had divisions this week, and i spent 3 days with my soul sister Hermana Wilson from Massachusets. i learned so much about myself, and we have started to plan a grand adventure for when we get back from our mission. to celebrate our last night together, we bought a pumpkin pie and ate that for dinner. it was glorious.
I officially have no shoes. i have been working as hard as i can, and my shoes have definitely paid the price for that. hopefully i can find some today to hold me over.
I received a perfect package from a special someone this week which had sweet baby ray's bbq sauce, so i am really happy. i also got awesome letters from Amber Miller in the colleyville stake, Maryann Shipp who received her mission call to Brazil Ribeirao Preto, and Haley Tucker-Noble who is ENGAGED! wow, what blessings, you guys! i am so fortunate to know all of you.
the work moves forward, and there is a lot to look forward to this week in Puerto Armuelles! word has it that i get to stay here for another change! i am excited!
i love you all. be good, do good.