Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wickedness Never Was Happiness - 10 DAYS

Wickedness never was happiness.

I understand that each and every one of us MUST pass through difficulties and hardships. BUT TAKE HEART. I pray that all of us may endure these brief moments of our lives so that we can more fully enjoy the blessings that follow-- If we but endure WELL. Here in the closing moments of my mission I have seen and heard many other missionaries turn off and shut down and the spark of a trial. "I can't" and "It's too hard" are the lousiest excuses I have EVER heard. We are ALL capable and able to endure the tests the Lord gives us; of that I'm certain.

Obedience brings such peace to our lives. We never need worry if we are walking hand-in-hand with the Lord. 
"Many people feel that the commandments are burdensome and that they limit freedom and personal growth. But the Savior taught that true freedom comes only from following Him: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31–32). God gives commandments for our benefit. They are loving instructions for our happiness and for our spiritual well-being."

I invite you all to read these inspired words:

I love you all.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 4

We have become very involved with Family History work with our inactives. It has been a very tender experience working with these members and inviting the Spirit of Elijah into their homes. I love the temple.

Jesus is the Christ. There is no room for doubt or questions. He truly did live and die the way the scriptures indicate. I love Him, and I am grateful that my Father offered His Son that I might have JOY.

I feel joy as I obey the commandments. They are not rules or suggestions written by a light-minded religious man. They are commandments. And each one comes with a specific blessing. As I live the Word of Wisdom, I feel healthy and happy. I run and grow not weak. I walk and grow not weary. I breathe and laugh and enjoy pure entertainment. As I live the Law of Chastity I grow closer to my Heavenly Father and learn more about these sacred powers He has intrusted us with in order to have families. As I read the scriptures, pray, and go to church I strengthen my testimony and feel the guidance of the Spirit more evident in my life.

I love this gospel. What a joy it is to preach it!

I love you all!

July 28

Well, be still my soul!
A wise friend once told me to expect miracles. But I wasn't expecting them like THIS! Life is great as a missionary!

We went to the temple on Saturday to see one of the families we've been working with get sealed. It was so incredible. BUT even better-- Chitre AND Santiago branches were at the temple, and I was able to see 2 more sealings, one of them being a less-active family Hermana Cabral and I had started working with there in Santiago. AND I SAW CABRAL! That was a tender mercy.

I just feel so grateful.

I love that after Christ's resurrection His disciples realized the weight of their calling. They taught boldly the gospel they once heard from the lips of their Savior. I love a certain account when Peter in teaching in the temple and the people feel the need to change their hearts. They cry out, "What should we do?" With love and authority, he admonished them, "Repent, and be converted."

I know that true conversion comes when we make and understand covenants with God. Our first covenant is baptism. I love thinking of the day of my baptism. I love thinking of those glorious promises made to me. The Holy Ghost helps and guides me along the way, and I know He will faithfully lead me as I strive to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Through Jesus Christ we are made clean from our sins. As we exercise faith in Him, we truly can feel His guiding hand helping us. Of course, we are not quite yet perfect like He is, so we often times need to repent of our habits and sins to put our life in harmony with His gospel. As we follow His example, we can make covenants with Him, such as baptism, that allow us to enter the path which leads to eternal life. We strive to listen and fully act upon the prompting of the Holy Ghost, which gift is conferred upon all those who enter the waters of baptism. We press forward, and cling tight to the teachings of the Savior as we endure and walk back to His presence.

God loves us, and His Son is evidence of that.

We had 7 less-active families in church yesterday. And one of our dear investigators, Patricia, finally came to church with her family. We found 2 new families this week as well, who now have the goal to be baptized in the month of August. The work moves along!

I love you all!

Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14/14 - Pigs, Temple Square, and simplicity

I am staying in Nueva Esperanza with Hermana Garcia to finish up my mission! President Carmack also closed the area next to ours to the Elders, and now we are opening the area. We are happy, we are working HARD!

We've started a running club in the morning with a few women in the neighborhoods near us. We meet up at 6:30 and do some exercises in a soccer field. It's fun, and we're slowly building confidence to be able to teach these families!

I just have to share some of the miracles of my last change, and what we're already experiencing in this new change.

Last change we found 70 less active families, and out of those, we currently have 3 preparing to be sealed in the temple next month. One of the families will actually be sealed in 2 weeks! A few single members are also preparing to enter the temple in the next few weeks. I feel so grateful!

I ran into one of my Young Women that I worked with in Arraijan, Fanny, who just received her mission call to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission! She is so excited, but I think I was more excited! I was there on Saturday when her and her mother went through the temple for the first time together. Such a tender mercy!

I FINALLY pet two pigs. It was just such a happy day. Their names were ChiChi and TinTin. 

There are a million more things I would love to tell, but I don't have time to write a million more things.

I wish to bear bold testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I believe that God has created a Plan in which we can better understand who we are, what our purpose is, and where we can one day live if we so choose to live and accept said Plan. I know we came from a heavenly family, and that God has sent us here and now in order to reach our fullest potential. I understand that Christ is central to this Plan, making possible our glorious return to our Maker. I have come to realize that this life will not always be easy, but as a beautiful woman once told me, "God always does good." He loves us, and He wants us to return to Him. And we can! All we must do is hearken unto His Spirit, live His gospel, make covenants, and endure well. 

His gospel is simple. May we all live as to enjoy the simplicity of His Plan! 

I love you all.
And Germany!


Yesterday was HAPPY in the branch of Nueva Esperanza.
We had 3 complete families there who have been inactive for a while. The Jaime Family even bore their testimonies. People are paying tithing! Things are looking up!
We won't know about changes until 2pm today. We'll see what the Lord has in store for my last 6 weeks here in Panama.
I love you all!