Friday, June 6, 2014


2.5 years as a member of the church, and 15 months as a missionary! I'm feeling GOOD!
I haven't mentioned our biggest miracle in Santiago yet.
Our very first night here, as we were getting off the bus from the city, and hauling our suitcases to our apartment, a man stopped us. That's normal. "Who are you! When will you teach me about God?" We thought he was a normal... strange... Panamanian. But then he began speaking in English.
"Hi. I'm Max. I lived in Wisconsin. I want to hear about God."
Sadly, we blew him off for a few weeks, thinking he was not being serious.
Over the course of our time here, we've kept running into Max around Santiago. Finally one day we asked for his phone number and called him to invite him to a group night. He came. That night we spoke about temples. He was amazed. A few days later we taught him about the Restoration of the gospel, and handed him a Book of Mormon. "I already have one. A stranger gave me one while I lived in Wisconsin. One day I was mowing the lawn and a man walked up, handed me the Book of Mormon, and told me it would change my life. So I took it!" He is such an incredible man. He has accepted a baptismal date, and we are looking forward to teaching him and his wife (who also is reading the Book of Mormon) about the blessings of this gospel. Hard work pays off. Obedience brings blessings.
We had surprise interviews with President Carmack this week. They were beautiful. I really enjoy learning from him. He signed off on my Personal Progress, so that means I'm kind of officially a virtuous Young Woman! He said he'll be getting the medallions in soon.
Well, the work moves forward. Next week we find out about changes. I'm hoping to stick around with Hermana Cabral. I love that girl too much to let her go now!!
I love you all!