Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19th, 2013

well, i survived one month! i did it! today is beautiful, and what
better way to celebrate being a member of the church for 16 months
than to go to walmart?! thats right... those are the kind of things
that excite me now.
well, turns out i had to get a tetanus shot this week. in the states
you get them every 10 years, but when you´re down here you have to
have it every 5 years. blessings. we just moved all 30 of us Nortes
into the CCM housing, and now we all have latina roommates. pretty
excited to meet them when they get here tomorrow! i started reading
the Book of Mormon on saturday night, and i just finished it today
during deportes. i learned a lot. and i, michaela bond, actually
finished a book! in DAYS! woah.
just two more weeks left in guatemala. holy week is coming up this
week, and there have been a lot of preparations for it. thats one of
the reasons we had to move housing-- a lot of members from all over
the world are coming to the temple for holy week. pretty neat!
the highlight of my week was when i was able to talk to one of the
cooks here in the CCM. his name is Alex. he is a kind person, and
always is nice to the missionaries. one day he saw my tattoos and said
¨"you´re the first mormon ive seen with tattoos!" it opened the gate
to allow me to talk to him. for 15 minutes i told him about my
conversion to the church, and bore witness of the divine appointments
Heavenly Father has set up for me. i bore my testimony of the
truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the power of prayer. i invited
him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it was true.
Hermana Belnap and I will be sitting down with him to teach him a few
lessons before we leave the CCM. i am so grateful to my all knowing
God for giving me that opportunity to talk to Alex. he is a little
hesitant, but every time we talk to him now he gets a huge smile on
his face and says "thank you". i do not have words to express how
happy i am! keep Alex in your prayers as he prays and ponders the
things we teach him!
well, just 1.5 more weeks till my big 21! i am getting really excited!
i already have the day planned out with my district-- i requested we
only sing christmas hymns that day, and we bought chocolate at walmart
today, and then i get to teach sunday school! i am THUPER excited!
man, God has blessed me! and i hope each one of you can feel His love
for you! it is amazing how much His hand is in our lives.
i love you all so much! my favorite hymn in spanish right now is
"Israel, Israel God is Calling". maybe see if the Mormon Tab Choir has
a version. it is beautiful! until next week! - Hermana Bond