Wednesday, March 27, 2013

well, here we are. week six into this grand adventure, and i am SO
ready to get to panama! this coming sunday is easter sunday, my 21st
birthday, and fast sunday at church. i am so excited. during sacrament
meeting, our district is singing come thou fount (i wonder who picked
that...) and in english!!!
i have learned a few things week week from others and from the Lord.
1. i am afraid of forgetting things-- thats why i keep such a thorough
journal. 2. Hebrews 11:25-- this is a little sacrafice to ensure that
i am doing what the Lord expects (obedience brings blessings, exact
obedience brings miracles). 3. "a better Hermana Bond will be a gift
from God. He will better her as she helps His children become better.
it is a process."
I had the opportunity to speak with Alex in the cafeteria again. He
asked why i was wasting my time talking to him. I bore my testimony
that I knew he is a special son of God and it would never be a waste
of time tell him that his Heavenly Father is mindful of him. i can see
his heart being softened every day. pray for Alex!!
With my assignment as Coordinating Sister, i have grown really close
to Presidente and Hermana Nicolaysen. during relief society on sunday,
Hermana Nicolaysen said "you will raise the generation that will greet
the Savior. your mission is the training ground for raising that very
generation. get to work." I love how calm and assertive she is when it
comes to giving me counsel and advice. you all would love her!
just to remind everyone, start sending letters to the Panama address
from now on! also, dearelder sends letters to Panama for free! so take
advantage of that blessing! also, this will be my last pday for 2
weeks because next week i will be traveling.
One of our investigators, Laura, got baptized on saturday! she is a
mother of 3 and has a very supportive husband. because of her example,
her oldest son and husband are now being taught the gospel! we had the
opportunity to teach her about the temple after she got baptized. she
shared with us that a long time ago she fell while pregnant and lost
her baby. we were able to promise her, in the name of Jesus Christ,
that through the saving ordinances of the temple she WILL be reunited
with her baby boy one day, and her and her family can be together
through all of eternity through the temple sealing. what a blessing! i
am so grateful for the Lord´s perfect plan, and how He loves families.
i love ALL of you, and thank you for supporting me.
last night one of our teachers, Hermano Hernandez, prayed for us by
name. it was the first time i´ve heard "Heavenly Father please bless
Hermana Bond" in the last 6 weeks. it pierced my heart in a way that i
didn´t realize could happen. i needed to hear that my God knew me,
knew my heart, and cares so much that He knows my name.
life is good. the church is true. and HAPPY EASTER! love love!