Monday, April 15, 2013

this has been a week of many prayers, and many miracles. this past week was HOT, but i have to say that my tan is coming along quite nicely. i am drinking tons of water, and i am buying sunblock today. we had the opportunity to visit a less active member of the church in our area, and while we were visiting, her 13 year old grandaughter came outside and asked us questions. she was positively interested and curious about the message we had to offer. then hermana cruz gave me the wink and i extended my FIRST baptismal invitation to sweet Daffne, who was more than thrilled to answer yes! she came to church yesterday and was so happy to be there. she stayed by my side the entire time; she said i dont know whats happening, and neither does she, so she will stay by me. haha sounds about right. i had the opportunity to bear my testimony in front of the congregation yesterday during fast and testimony meeting. when i said i believed in the gift of tongues, everyone laughed. my branch is super supportive in helping me learn the language faster. there is even a kind little 8 year old girl who has offered to teach me haha. i really am so blessed to be here in this area. we had 6 people in church with us yesterday who havent been to church in over a year-- thanks be to God! true miracles are stirring up in this branch, and i am grateful that the Lord trusts me enough with this work! 
so i love my companion hermana cruz! she wants to learn english, and she already knows enough to make simple sentences. i taught her how to say "aint nobody got time for that" and "sup dawg" and "darn it". basically, she is going to be awesome at speaking english. 
i have been studying the words of Isaiah, and from the BOM. i encourage you all to read 2 Nephi 17:2 in the Book of Mormon. i have read this time and time again, and i am captured by the beauty of the idea of our hearts being as trees. i know i am planted on the right foundation, and i know the wind will move me, but i will not fall. i will move because that is the natural reaction. i need movement to remind me that i am alive. 
i love you all!! 
-Hermana Bond
oh, and hapy birthday to Cody Hoffman!