Monday, May 13, 2013

It is my privilege and honor to introduce to you Daffne, the newest member of the church in Puerto Armuelles! Her baptism was beautiful, and afterwards we had a great branch activity. Hna Cruz and I sang a song, and there were also a few skits that the Young Single Adults put on. It was a perfect weekend!
The week, however was a little rough. Do you ever have those days where you feel like youre in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from home, and you are speaking another language? Yeah, me too. It all kind of hit me at once. But I am so grateful for my companion, Hermana Cruz. Saturday morning I asked her how I am supposed to be the kind of person Heavenly Father needs me to be. She took me by my hand, looked me in my eyes, and handed me my english copy of the Book of Mormon. She said-- I promise you if you open to whatever page you want, and read the first thing you see, you will find your answer. I opened the Book, and read Alma 29:6-9. My calling is my joy. It humbled me, it comforted me, and it showed me that God is listening and He recognizes my efforts. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, for the opportunity I have to share it, and for God's plan of happiness.
I spent May 1st in Boquete with a Hermana from Colorado. We were on divisions because our companions had to go to Panama City. It is a mountain area there, with not a lot of sun, and the perfect weather. I enjoyed working there, and have another opportunity to go there next week because unfortunately Hermana Cruz is getting moved to the city. We ate with Hermano Frank who is a CHEF! He made us talapia with mashed potatoes and vegatables. It was so delicious! He shared a little of his story with me, and he strengthened my testimony. I am excited to eat with him again next week!
Yesterday during Relief Society, we were studying Charity. President Mojica's wife said that Charity is not a principle, its a doctrine. I loved that bold statement. The Book of Mormon expounds on that idea in Moroni 7. Well, Hermana Cruz is learning english and she is doing a great job. She leaned over to share a thought with me, and she wanted to say it in english. So she said-- "Hermana Bond, I have Chastity!" in which I replied with a laugh and said "Espero" which means "i hope". We laughed, and are currently laughing about it. Dont worry, I taught her that its Charity, not Chastity.
Last night in our weekly meeting with the Branch Mission Leader, President Mojica asked me to teach a workshop for all of the teachers and leaders in our branch. I will be teaching it in a few weeks, but I am starting to prepare now. I am a little nervous, but I know I will learn valuable things as well, because I have chosen the topic "How to be a Christ-like Leader". I am really excited for this chance to help the branch and to strengthen our Sunday classes!
Take care! Love you all!