Monday, May 13, 2013

first off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you who have contributed in big ways to my becoming who i am today. also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! my mom turns 21 tomorrow ;)
see ya, Hermana Cruz! my companion is being changed from this area, and i will be spending a few days in Boquete again until i get my new companion. i am excited to update you guys and let you know who she is! i have learned so much from Hermana Cruz in these short 6 weeks, and i know her and i will be friends when we return home.
we were able to skype on saturday night with our families. i think my mom recorded a video of me speaking, and she said she was going to post it on facebook. so if you want to hear a cheesy hello from me, then look out for that!
last p day we went to the mountains in Volcan, and spent some time in the gardens there. it was a perfect little break to play in flowers and enjoy the cold mountain air. AND we just found out that area is being "pink washed" which means its open to hermanas now! tomorrow we are getting 10 new Hermanas and 2 Elders. women are taking over the mission field! and i am STOKED to be a part of it!
not much to say this week, but i am learning a lot. so much. God is in everything, He is my heart, and He loves me. there are so many tender moments throughout the day when i receive that confirmation.
love you guys!
ps. pray for my dad who had a minor little surgery last week! he is healing quickly, just want some extra thoughts sent his way!