Monday, June 24, 2013

first thing is first-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN PEGRAM! what a stud. am i allowed to say that?
so this past week was a LITTLE hectic. on tuesday one of the leaders called and said "hey bond, you have immagrations this friday". so our work week was cut down because we had to leave Puerto thursday night to be in Panama City friday morning, then turn around and get back on the bus to return to Puerto Saturday morning. but all of the missionaries that came with me from the CCM were in immagrations, too. so we had a nice little reunion. Hermana Wilson and i were also able to go to the temple in Cardenas; it was my first time going here in Panama, and it was beautiful! i had a really special afternoon in the Lord's house, and received the strength i needed to march back to Puerto and get to work!
i started the Young Women's Personal Progress this past week. can i just say that i am SO stoked to be working on this program! i know it will teach me a lot about what it means to be a daughter of God in these latter-days. to all of you who have completed, or are currently doing it, could you write me a letter and tell me about some experiences you had while completing Personal Progress?
i received a phone call last night from my Zone Leader. "Hermana Bond, vas a entrenar", which means i will be training this upcoming change! i just finished being trained this past week, and now i turn around and train a missionary who is entering the mission on wednesday! which ALSO means, i will be traveling to Panama city AGAIN. Presidente Ward leaves next week, and we will meet our new presy sometime within the next change!
be good, do good! love you all!

(the second picture is with a temple worker who fell in love with the "fulas")