Sunday, July 7, 2013


since i won't be doing it on thursday, i am wearing red white and blue today for 'MERICA! yes. everyone eat a hotdog for me, especially because they are disgusting. am i making sense? i am tired. but happy.
so i went to panama again last week and picked up MY DAUGHTER! thats a mission term when you train a new missionary. her name is Hermana Medellin, she is 19, and from Mexico! thats right! i got another mexicana! want to know the coolest part? we were confirmed members of the church the SAME day-- November 20,2011. how beautiful is the Lord's hand in this work!
sad news about going to panama was saying goodbye to Pte and Hna Ward, and also the Galke family. the galkes put together a beautiful care package for me, so ive been enjoying some homemade cookies. i also received a package from my parents with shoes, sunblock, my favorite pens, and clif bars! do they know me or what!? i am so grateful for everyone that takes care of me.
so, like i said, i am training now. its pretty cool because i get to set the work pace, and teach someone how to defend the front lines of missionary work. we are growing together, and building our testimonies of this grand gospel. this past week, i was teaching hna medellin how to contact houses. we passed a certain house 3 times during the day, and i kept looking at it thinking we should contact it, but i didnt do anything about it. finally, the 4th time, the Spirit spoke directly to me and said "Hermana Bond, GO TO THAT HOUSE!" without realizing it, i had turned around and was heading towards the house. i saw hna medellin jump around and chase after me. i stood in the doorway, and greeted a woman sitting on the couch with her 5 yr old son. we introduced ourselves, then i asked if we could sing her a hymn. as we were singing, her husband joined us. they also had 2 other children! A FAMILY! wow. i cant explain how rare and amazing it was to have an entire family listening to us. we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ as we got to know them better and learned more about their beliefs. we invited them to be baptized, and they smiled and said yes. the husband said "Sisters, i havent been to a church in a long time. every time i pray i ask for forgiveness because i know i should be going to church, but i just dont know which one!" i assured him that we were an answer to that prayer, and that the Lord loves him very much and wants him to learn more about the gospel. they left out of town for a few days, so we will visit them again this week. i dont know what will happen with them, and im trying to stay positive. it all seems too good to be true! just be praying for the family Lescano!

i love you all. i pray that Heavenly Father will keep you safe this week as you celebrate happiness, independence, and LIBERTY!