Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 10th - Walking In A Winter Wonderland

well, i had the privilege of going to the temple twice in the past week. the first time was far more special because we took our investigators, The Smith Family and Juan David, to walk around and meet Presidente Carmack. i don't exactly remember if i have mentioned the Smiths before, but they are amazing! about 6 months ago, they lost a baby girl, something very difficult for the entire family. as Presidente Carmack bore testimony of the power of eternal covenants, and that families can be sealed for all eternity, The Smiths began to cry. they were promised that they will be with their daughter again. i will never forget the intensity of the Spirit as we stood there in silence in front of the House of the Lord. Juan David is being baptized this saturday after he received a testimony of the divinity of God and the restoration of the gospel.
i had divisions with a sister from El Salvador last tuesday. her name is Hermana Montepeque and we had a lot of fun walking and teaching. we found a beautiful family of 6 who are looking forward to learning more about the gospel. we also found a woman named "Dosia" who, after we had left her with our names and number, she said "estoy esperando" which means i'm waiting. she had a big smile on her face and was extremely excited for our next visit.
there have been many small miracles this week that have come to pass through my personal scripture study. i hope one day i will have the chance to tell you all about the significant moments i have had on the mission that confirmed my feelings towards the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
i love you all. and i love this Gospel.