Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 2nd - Septiembre

holy september.

some stories for this week.
on wednesday we went to visit an investigator at 11. she fed us lunch. then we had our lunch appointment at 1230. we ate  a mountain of rice. then at 4 other investigators gave us dinner. then we went to our dinner appointment at 630 to eat another heaping mountain of rice and meat. then at 8 we had an FHE with converts. they fed us a huge bowl of spaghetti. I WANTED TO DIE. Hna De Leon put her hand on her stomach and cried out "i think i'm pregnant!" i asked her how many months she had and she said "5 months... of rice and chicken!"
amen, sister.
saturday morning we were doing our morning studies. someone knocked on our door, which is rare. i went to the door, stuck my head out, and greeted a young man and woman. i instantly recognized who they were-- Jehova's Witnesses. they asked me what i read in the newspapers/saw on the news/etc. i stepped out from behind the door, revealing my shining nametag and said "i'm a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. i don't read the paper or watch tv. i am currently studying the scriptures to prepare to teach people about the restored gospel." they were both stunned and instantly found a way to leave. Hna De Leon was laughing at the study table as i shut the door. it made me sad to reject them, because we dont like it when we're rejected. but it was so funny that the J-Dubs contacted us.
we've been working with a returned missionary named Marcos who is inactive. he served in Guatemala 8 years ago, and hasn't been to church since he got home. but yesterday he came to church! it was so good to see him there, hugging the members who have missed him, and singing the hymns loud and proud. he will be helping us to teach our investigators this week.
i love the scriptures, and i know they are treasures of knowledge. i know that covenants is the way Heavenly Father shows His love for us. i know accountability is the way we show our love for Heavenly Father.

i love you all. happy fall!