Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8th, 2013

i hope everyone had a wonderful conference weekend! i know i did!

on saturday we went to the stake center to watch conference and the stake president just didnt want to broadcast conference seperate for the gringos in english. i explained to him that conference is for EVERYONE not just for the people that can fluently understand. i asked him how he would feel if he went to the states and they didnt permit him to watch conference in his own language. he smiled and set up the broadcast for us. (sometimes my sassiness comes in handy.) so i had a great time with all of the other gringos as we listened to the voices of living prophets, apostles, and leaders of the church. the Spirit touched my heart many times as i listened carefully to the inspired words.
on sunday we were supposed to have a baptism, but the couple just didn't show up. instead of getting mad or sad, i said a prayer and asked that Heavenly Father would help them prepare for the time when was right for them to make eternal covenants with Him. a few moments later one of our investigators showed up in SUIT AND TIE with his Book of Mormon in hand. he looked so happy, and i was able to share my conversion story with him- that 2 years ago i watched conference for my first time and received my answer that this truly is the Lord's church restored to it's fulness. we are excited to teach him this coming week as he learns more about Christ's gospel.

we went to the temple today. i was able to see the Young family from Volcan that i grew very close to in my short time there. sweet Rachel gave me a big hug and kiss as we laughed and caught up. 

i want you guys to know that personal revelation is real. that even when we feel like we've done all we can, there's always one more thing to do before giving up. as we humble ourselves, search out the answers, and pray continually, i know that Heavenly Father is waiting with a reply. i have felt the Spirit too many times in my mission to deny the truthfulness of this gospel. i can honestly say that i know Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God, and that Christ Himself restored His gospel through that humble servant. i know that covenants are the way that God shows His love to His children, and that through those covenants we will learn how to walk back into the presence of that very Father of our spirits. i love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the true church of our living Savior.
and i love you all.

"...and the heavens have smiled upon her."

picture from the temple today with one of the elders from the office who just became my district leader. we will be leaving the same day next summer. he is from texas, but his family lives in mexico. since i still dont have a camera, i just jump in pictures and hope people send them to me haha