Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th - Hma B wishes you to watch General Conference

I am SO stoked that this coming weekend is General Conference! I just KNOW that Heavenly Father has prepared the general authorities in a way that they will deliver their messages with great power and impact to our hearts. I hope ALL of you have the chance to either watch the broadcast on or attend in person. I promise you that you will receive answers to your prayers, peace to your minds, and joy to your hearts. Life is so good in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In my current study in the Old Testament I read 1 Sam 15:22
"to obey is better than sacrafice."
I hope you all may apply this scripture in how it fits best in your current situations. I can truly testify that obedience is key to happiness, no matter how much you give up or give in. Do not just lay down something in vain. Know who you are, and your potential, and strive to live in accordance to that great blessing.

On a lighter note, I am officially a missionary! I got bit by a dog this week!! It was absolutely the most terrifying experience of my life! But i can laugh about it now. Just a small bruise and scratch remains. Aren't i cool?

We went to the mission office this past week after my companion had immigrations. I was absolutely taken away by the wall with every missionary's picture and information on it. I had the overwhelming feeling that God knows each of us, not only His missionaries but ALL of His children. He knows where we are, who we're with, and what we're doing. I also felt the power of the revelation our mission president receives to guide and direct this mission. 

Well, i love you all. Do your best to watch General Conference this Saturday and Sunday! Blessings will follow!

-Hermana Bond