Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th

"therefore she ran forth from house to house making it known unto the
people." alma 19:17

Rodrigo heard from a member that there was a young couple in the ward
without a refridgerator, so what did he do? he called us to come help him
move HIS to their house. we arrived and moved the fridge inside of the
young couple's house. the wife began crying on my shoulder. "Hermana Bond,
why are you doing this?" "because Heavenly Father answers every single one
of our prayers."

Rodrigo went to the temple today with the ward, and said he really enjoyed
it. this upcoming thursday we are going to the temple with a convert
family, The Martinez Family, for their sealing. the wife of the family
asked us to be her escorts in the temple. we are really honored and
excited! it's a huge honor, especially since one of my friends who served
here a year ago, Tanner Hardy, was the one who baptized this family.

there is a sister in the ward named Linda. when i first got here, i could
tell she didnt like me. but i just did my part as a missionary, and avoided
her. she would always tell me i was getting fat and i needed to obey the
word of wisdom. i learned how to laugh at everything she said to me. this
past week i had a strong impression that we should go visit her. we showed
up and she just looked at me like i had killed a puppy. "what are you doing
here?" "i want to get to know you, sister. can we come in?" she instantly
lightened up, and the Spirit was strong as we listened to  her conversion
story and the many experiences she has had. she began to cry as she
explained how her husband had not been baptized with her family 10 years
ago, and how all she wants is to have the priesthood in her home. we cried
with her, laughed with her, and ended up eating peanut butter (you know who
i am). i asked her why she didnt like me before and she said she's always
hated gringos, but that i had gotten on her good side. i offered to help
her translate her Patriarchal Blessing into english, since that's the way i
learned spanish. sunday after church we went back over to help her begin
her translating. she is now planning her trip to texas for when i get home.
funny how a small conversation can change someone's heart, huh!
one of the members of the ward, Marta, received her mission call for
Columbia this week! she is really excited! she will be leaving when i hit
my one year mark on the mission!

i love you all.