Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28th - No change is good change

this week was one where i was able to realize that i've progressed, grown,
and learned so much in the past few months- but that i have so much farther
to go. i love the way John put it: "grace for grace". we must take steps,
fall down, pick ourselves up, and keep marching forward.
i just found out that i do not have ANY sort of change this time around-
area or companion. how weird! i was a little nervous about that at first;
anyone who knows me knows that i am nothing but change. but, it ultimately
boils down to one fact- Jesus Christ is at the head of His church, and i
will do, go, and be where, what, and who He needs me to go, do, and be.
we had a few neat activities with the missionaries in my zone this week. 4
out of the 5 work days we were with other missionaries, helping them in
their areas, or attending some sort of training or meeting. it was such a
beautiful week to learn from the examples of the young missionaries i am
serving with here in panama.
we've been picking up our efforts to visit less-actives this week. to our
surprise, the attendance at church yesterday went up by almost 80 people!
that was such a blessing. that, and seeing Rodrigo and Leo and the Morales
Family be confirmed.
well, keep praying for the missionaries around the world; that we may
continue to learn and grow-- grace by grace.
i love you all!