Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, AGAIN! - December 2, 2013

*note from Haley - So sorry this one is late everyone! I was sick all week and forgot to post this one. :D

This coming Sunday is Mothers Day here, so HMD again! And happy December to all of you. What a special time of year.

Well, Hna Rios and I were SUPER sick all week, but we've bounced back and we're working hard again. Because we were sick we weren't able to go to the zone Thanksgiving, but we made up for it last night by cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Rodrigo. 

Yesterday was a great fast and testimony meeting. I find myself strengthened and uplifted every time I leave from a testimony meeting here. There is a sister in the ward that always gets up to give her testimony and says, "I know that God lives." and sits down. I love her. 

I went on divisions with Hermana Vasquez this week in her area, Burunga. We went to visit a less-active family with a daughter who wanted to get baptized on saturday. The father was indecisive and wasn't so sure that he wanted her to get baptized. I shared with him my experience from when I was baptized, and how my dad sat next to me that night and held my hand. After I got baptized my dad told me, "Michaela, I'm proud of you." Those words are most precious to me, because I could almost hear my Heavenly Father's voice echoing through my dad's. I told Yerania's dad that if he couldnt pray about whether or not it was a good idea for her to get baptized, to atleast pray for the courage to sit by her daughter the night of her baptism. Saturday rolled around, and Yerania got baptized. And her father came. 
I just realized I don't have much more to say. We do all of the same things every week. The experiences, people, and neighborhoods just change. But, we push forward and do our best. 

I love you all.