Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hermana Bondp! - December 14, 2013

I've got changes. I'll be in a new area with a new companion for Christmas.

Our zone made a tshirt and they misspelled my name. I'm now Hermana Bondp.

One of Rodrigo's neighbor's lost gold when a parrot flew into their house and ate it. The neighbor asked for Rodrigo's help and he said, "The only Person who can get your gold back is God!" So, he said a prayer and asked God to help him get the gold back. An hour later he was sitting in his house, and the parrot flew into his house, landed on his arm, and dropped the gold on his lap. He proudly marched back to his neighbor's house, and delivered the gold. 

On a lighter note, I used a pickaxe for the first time ever.

I was really inspired by 2 Nephi 28 this week.

The Bishop found out I had changes, and asked me to give a talk yesterday in church. Of course it was about missionary work, but I felt very inspired to take a different direction. I talked about Doctrine and Covenants 110, and how Elder Ochoa told us in Stake Conference that this is no longer "missionary work", but is now "the work of salvation". We have got to leave our doors and share this gospel. And if for whatever reason we cannot, we must do our part with our ancestors. This gospel is glorious. I am so grateful for each gift and grace my Father in Heaven has given me during these short months in Panama. 

I love you all!

I ALMOST FORGOT. Please remember the challenge given by President Packer about contacting one person before Christmas to share the gospel with! If you need ideas, you can look here!