Monday, April 14, 2014

March 31


This week absolutely whipped me into shape-- spiritually and physically speaking. We taught an outstanding number of lessons, we dedicated our time, hearts, and efforts to meeting everyone's needs, and we ENJOYED the fruits of our labors. The Lord has blessed us tenfold for our efforts. Dilligence, obedience, and faith is all it takes.

The Women's Conference was incredible! Mostly because they showed a video with the Kunas from the San Blas islands here in my mission. So cool. I loved the frase "nos necesitamos". We really do need each other, sisters! My companion, Hermana Cabral, is just such a prime example of that to me. I love her and her awesome attitude. This week the best advice she gave me was: "This mission is supposed to be hard. Accept things and move on!" She keeps me moving forward!

I finished reading the Book of Mormon for my 5th time on Wednesday. I testify with all I have that it still stands true. It was, is, and will always be another testament of Jesus Christ. It is the most true of any book on earth. I wish all of you could read it, and open your eyes to the fullness of the Gospel of Christ.

On Saturday I went to the sealing of Pachi and Itzel Ramos (a family I worked with in Chitre), and it was so incredible! They got baptized a year ago, and have been faithful ever since. They have worked hard to reach their goal of the temple, and it was an honor to see them kneeling across the alter!

Today we're going to eat lunch with a recent convert, then we're hopping over to Arraijan to visit TIO LAM!! I'm so excited to see him! My companion got me breakfast this morning, paid for my bus, and made me a sweet card!

I love you all. Isn't it weird that none of you knew 21 year old Bond?