Monday, June 9, 2014


We took a family to the temple last night. They were baptized over a year ago, but haven't been to church in over a year. Very special. The husband walked up to me after the mini tour at the temple and said, "thank you for bringing us here. you will never know what you've done for us." WORTH IT. Out of 23 less-active priesthood holders our branch president asked us to find, we found 16 this week. I am pleased.
We went to the mission home last night so I could register for my classes at BYU. That seems way too real, and it's coming up way too fast. It was SO nice getting a hot shower, though! And of course I love listening to Hermana Carmack and looking at her art!
I loved reviewing the talks from General Conference, especially the Priesthood session. It's all available on LDS.ORG for anyone to read. My prayer is that we all may strive to be true disciples of Christ; come what may, and love it.

I love you all!