Friday, June 6, 2014


I hope everyone had a great easter!
Hermana Cabral and I stayed together!! She jokes and says that I had to go to Chorrera to pick her up, because they sent me BACK to the Chitrè zone. Haha.. Heavenly Father has a sense of humor sometimes. We're in a tiny branch called Santiago. We're already seeing miracles.
I told Hermana Cabral to thank me, that I took the matress with bed bugs. I am COVERED in these awesome, big red bites from "chinches". Blessings.
There are a lot of tiny miracles happening in my heart. I feel changed, and I feel that another wave of change is coming. The Lord always knows what we need, and the moment we need it. It's a privilege to be here, now, representing Him. I love this gospel!
Yesterday my companion said, "happy 14 months in the mission, Bond!" That hit me. Has it really been THAT long? So, so strange. But oh, how grateful I am for this time that I have had; and the time that remains! There is work to be done! 

I love you all.