Wednesday, July 17, 2013

another birthday shout out to the millions of people who have birthdays in july!

I had a very special experience this week. On Saturday, we woke up early (earlier than 6:30like normal) to go to a part of our area that we didnt know about. A sister in the ward came with us, and we started contacting houses. We met some great people, and some inactive members of the church. We went to one house, and the woman who was there was in a rush to get some chores done before work, but she said that we needed to visit her neighbors. So we went. We walked up to a house, and on the front porch there were 6 children sitting in silence. We greeted them and asked them if their parents were home. They shook their heads no. "Where are they?" Turns out their father had left them to move to Panama City, and their mother had left last week to try to find work. They didnt have food, water, or electricity. Nothing. 6 of them ages 3,5,12,14,18,19. My heart just broke. We sang the hymn "I am a child of God", and we knelt together in prayer. The 14 year old boy offered the prayer, and i think it was the most sincere prayer i have ever heard; asking for protection for his father, work for his mother, and success for his brothers and sisters. Hermana Medellin and I taught them about Jesus Christ and how when He was here on the earth, He always took time to talk, heal, and love the children. We also taught about how even though their dad may not be  at home, that they have a loving Heavenly Father who wants them to come home to Him. We gave them the money we had in our pockets, 2 dollars, and asked them to buy bread and water. We kneeled in prayer again, and then urged them to come to church.
Words will never describe the joy i felt when i saw them crossing the bridge coming to the chapel. Hermana Medellin and I ran to them, and just hugged them. They loved church, and they want to come back. We will be visiting them this week with the Elders in our area. Pray for the Santos-Miranda family!

Yesterday we also witnessed the dedication of Geovanny´s first grandson, Daniel. Geovanny was an inactive member when I got here to Puerto almost 14 weeks ago, but now is completely active, worthy, and is exercising his Priesthood to bless his family. It was such a happy thing to see him standing in front of the congregation, pronouncing a blessing upon his grandson. He seemed pretty happy, too.

Every week there are miracles to be found. Through obedience, love, and work, I know i will continue to have these experiences. I love the Lord, and i love His work. All is well. I love you guys! Be good!