Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long story short, President Carmack moved Hna Medellin and I to a new area called Volcan. Its one of the two cold areas in Panama, so im actually getting use out of my cardigans. We are excited to work here and get to know the area better.

Last week we worked with a man named Alexis. He was explaining how he wanted to change his life, but there are things he cant give up. We talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost, and how if we strive to keep the commandments, the Holy Ghost will help us and guide us. We made a 3 week plan for him to give up smoking, drinking, etc. We will continue to pray for him as he works towards baptism and reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Yesterday my entire zone hiked the volcano here in our new area. It was hands down the best and hardest thing i've ever done, physically. I was 1 of 6 that made it to the summit, even though my body had told me to turn back halfway up. I remember a story Michelle Walker told me once about climbing mountains, and i repeated a phrase from her story "you were made for the top!" and so i pushed through. It was amazing.

All is well. A little sore today, but I am happy. The Lord is real. Life is grand. I love you all!