Monday, December 30, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Dec 30, 2013

Christmas was perfectly panamanian! I was able to speak with my family, and
that was exactly what I needed. It was a wonderful week of singing, talking
to all the families outside of their houses, and sharing special moments
with members of the church. We had divisions in Penonome with the sisters
serving there. I was able to meet really special investigators and
less-actives that they are currently working with. One brother said, "You
two sisters must have months together!" Hermana Arana and I laughed and
said, "No we only have about 4 hours!" He replied, "Thank you for following
the prompting to come visit me. You have brought the Spirit to my home in a
way that I haven't felt in years." It's neat how the Lord places us exactly
where we need to be!

We found a wonderful family who, in the first visit, asked us for the Book
of Mormon so they can read it. All of the less actives we visited this past
week came to church! Gaete and I taught the gospel principles class
yesterday about repentance, and it was a heart-changing experience for me.
It amazes me that there are saints who WANT to actively participate in the
work of salvation. Please, do not miss your privilege! Find your role, take
your place, and fight for the eternal cause of happiness and JOY!
I am excited about this new year. There is so much we will witness and
experience in 2014, and I'm sure we will all learn and grow in ways we have
never expected. Life is beautiful!!

I hope you all have a safe holiday season, and that you kindle a new
dedication to follow our Savior.He lives! He loves us! His Church has been
restored in an incredible way! Seek Him. It is amazing how far He is
willing to come, and how far He has gone to make our journey possible,
bearable, and enjoyable. Think, ponder, pray-- your answers are awaiting
you on the wings of peace, consolation, and everlasting HOPE!

Paint the sky with your desires. Live your heart's song.

I love you all.