Monday, February 24, 2014

February 3, 2014

On a scale from 1 to TRAUMATIZED, I just need y'all to understand how horrible Wednesday night was for me.
This week while I was on divisions with Hermana Mendez, we went to eat dinner and the member served me "pollo de palo". (Chicken of the Tree) I thought, "How strange! Normally they say 'de patio!'" But I played around with the thing on my plate. The woman had forgotten to take the skin off! EW! And then I noticed the bones were placed strange. I took a bite and thought "Wow, this woman does NOT know how to cook!" I didnt eat any more of it, especially after Hna Mendez began playing with the skeleton of her "pollo de palo". I wanted to vomit.
We finished divisions the next day, and my companion was bragging about how their dinner appointment canceled so the branch president bought them pizza. "What! You got pizza!! I had to eat pollo de palo!" My companion was silent a just stared at me. "Bond, do you know what that is?" "No, they wouldn't tell me." Hermana Cambronero started laughing and said, "Iguana!!!!" I literally almost started crying. So, long story short, I will be returning home a vegetarian.
So, other than that, All is well. I'm excited to go to the city this week for Consejos with Presidente Carmack. Our zone here in Chitre is doing amazing things, and I am grateful to be surrounded  by such wonderful missionaries.
I love you all!!
Happy Anniversary to my Brother and Cuñada!