Monday, February 24, 2014

January 6, 2014

What opportunities did I miss out on today?
That is a personal interview I have each night with my Heavenly Father. I have realized that I am missing out on less opportunities now that I hold myself more accountable before the Lord. I invite you all to hold this interview with Heavenly Father, daily, and wait to see how many more chances you will receive to help those around you.
Presidente Carmack has challeged the mission to read the Book of Mormon before March 26. I have decided to read it in reverse order by book-- Moroni, Ether, Mormon, 4 Nephi, etc. I am really enjoying it, and am excited to dedicate all of my extra time to studying the Book of Mormon in these 3 months.
If you served in Central America, you will understand the following story:
You know those lame taxi contacts that you know they don't really want to know anything about the gospel? WELL, we had a pretty cool one yesterday on the way to church.
I was wearing a white dress, and I wanted to change into a different dress but Gaete told me to leave it on. So I did. We call a taxi, and we headed to church. The taxi driver asked me who I was. A missionary. He explained how the night before he had a dream: "A woman, just like you, was standing before me in all white. She told me not to be afraid. She told me to find the Church of Christ, and that heaven in the 3rd glory of God." I just looked at Gaete. He repeated his question. WHO ARE YOU. I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and I testify that you can make it to the Third Glory. He stopped the taxi, and looked at me. Gaete handed him a Plan of Salvation folleto. He gave us his number and asked us to come visit him this week. Pretty cool, huh? Im glad I didnt change outfits.
We saw Bob again! Bob is a Peace Corps guy who we met on a random bus in Penonomè 2 weeks ago. He saw us, and shouted out "Sisters!" He had taken to heart a note we left with him asking him to pray about the Church (turns out he has a lot of friends who are members, but he has never quite figured out why the gospel is so important), and explained that he was going to be in town a few more weeks and would like a visit.
I made tacos last night for the members who live in front of us. They decided that Mexican food is good. I even got them to eat picante!!
I convinced Hna Gaete to climb up on the roof with me for New Years. It was fun. We sat under the big Chitrè sky and talked about life. Deep, bro. Anways, we are excited for this new desire we have to serve and do better. Life is great!
I love you all!