Monday, July 21, 2014


Through Jesus Christ we are made clean from our sins. As we exercise faith in Him, we truly can feel His guiding hand helping us. Of course, we are not quite yet perfect like He is, so we often times need to repent of our habits and sins to put our life in harmony with His gospel. As we follow His example, we can make covenants with Him, such as baptism, that allow us to enter the path which leads to eternal life. We strive to listen and fully act upon the prompting of the Holy Ghost, which gift is conferred upon all those who enter the waters of baptism. We press forward, and cling tight to the teachings of the Savior as we endure and walk back to His presence.

God loves us, and His Son is evidence of that.

We had 7 less-active families in church yesterday. And one of our dear investigators, Patricia, finally came to church with her family. We found 2 new families this week as well, who now have the goal to be baptized in the month of August. The work moves along!

I love you all!