Monday, August 11, 2014

July 28

Well, be still my soul!
A wise friend once told me to expect miracles. But I wasn't expecting them like THIS! Life is great as a missionary!

We went to the temple on Saturday to see one of the families we've been working with get sealed. It was so incredible. BUT even better-- Chitre AND Santiago branches were at the temple, and I was able to see 2 more sealings, one of them being a less-active family Hermana Cabral and I had started working with there in Santiago. AND I SAW CABRAL! That was a tender mercy.

I just feel so grateful.

I love that after Christ's resurrection His disciples realized the weight of their calling. They taught boldly the gospel they once heard from the lips of their Savior. I love a certain account when Peter in teaching in the temple and the people feel the need to change their hearts. They cry out, "What should we do?" With love and authority, he admonished them, "Repent, and be converted."

I know that true conversion comes when we make and understand covenants with God. Our first covenant is baptism. I love thinking of the day of my baptism. I love thinking of those glorious promises made to me. The Holy Ghost helps and guides me along the way, and I know He will faithfully lead me as I strive to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!