Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 4

We have become very involved with Family History work with our inactives. It has been a very tender experience working with these members and inviting the Spirit of Elijah into their homes. I love the temple.

Jesus is the Christ. There is no room for doubt or questions. He truly did live and die the way the scriptures indicate. I love Him, and I am grateful that my Father offered His Son that I might have JOY.

I feel joy as I obey the commandments. They are not rules or suggestions written by a light-minded religious man. They are commandments. And each one comes with a specific blessing. As I live the Word of Wisdom, I feel healthy and happy. I run and grow not weak. I walk and grow not weary. I breathe and laugh and enjoy pure entertainment. As I live the Law of Chastity I grow closer to my Heavenly Father and learn more about these sacred powers He has intrusted us with in order to have families. As I read the scriptures, pray, and go to church I strengthen my testimony and feel the guidance of the Spirit more evident in my life.

I love this gospel. What a joy it is to preach it!

I love you all!